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#InMyWords Video Campaign

We are building a coalition of survivors to reclaim what "justice" looks like. We are planning to launch with a 2-3 minute long campaign video featuring survivors with diverse experiences from across the United States.

We look forward to hearing your vision of justice. Thanks for participating!


#InMyWords: Example Visions of Justice & Accountability




#InMyWords is a campaign to reframe how we think about justice for rape and sexual assault survivors. Oftentimes, our culture defines justice as incarceration, firings, or school punishments, but too often, these processes are re-traumatizing for survivors and don’t give the validation or create the behavioral change that survivors want in the first place.  We are to retaking control of the conversation and reframe what justice is from the perspectives of survivors themselves.

For example, do you wish you’d gotten an apology from the perpetrator or someone who enabled the behavior? Do you wish the perpetrator had been exposed to the community for what they did? How would you have wanted your community and loved ones to support you? 

For this project, we’re creating a campaign video that will be 2-3 minutes long that will be hosted on our website: [url]. These are the questions we’re going to ask you and the response format – skip over any you don’t want to answer. Thank you for participating!


Would you like to identify yourself? 

  • My name is [FIRST NAME] and I live in [CITY, STATE].


Identify yourself as someone who has been harmed by sexual harassment or assault. You can use whatever language you want to describe yourself.

  • I am a [survivor/victim/have been harmed by/have experienced] …..  


Did you get the justice and accountability you wanted or needed?

  • I [DID/DID NOT] get the justice and accountability I deserved. 


What do you wish would have happened after the incident(s)? Examples below. 

  •     I wish….
    •  [?] would have supported me…
    • [?] had listened and believed me...
    • [?] had apologized and taken accountability...
    •  [?] had been accessible for me. 


What does justice and accountability mean for you?

  • Justice is… 
    • Examples below. 
    • A shift in the culture of violence against women and queer folk.
    • Admittance of guilt and actions taken toward behavior change.
    • A safe, facilitated space where the perpetrator takes responsibility in front of our friends and family.


▢ Go to a quiet place.

⃞ If you’re using a phone, make sure you’re holding it horizontally, preferably using a handheld tripod (a selfie stick can also work) to keep your phone steady, and make sure your hand doesn’t interfere with the audio recording.

⃞ Frame yourself in the center of the screen from the chest up without cutting off the top of your head, and make sure your camera/phone’s focus is on your eyes.

⃞ Try to look at the camera when you're talking and refrain from reading off a paper :) You can start and stop the recording if you need to.

⃞ Make sure you answer questions in full sentences – a production assistant can come in handy to focus on interviews while one person focuses on video and audio.

⃞ If the person cuts themselves off to answer the question another way, or they’re interrupted, pause a moment and have them answer from the beginning so the full answer is captured in the recording to make the editing more smooth.

⃞ Keep your video to 2-3 minutes.

⃞ Always shoot more than you need! Start recording before interviewee starts talking, stop a few seconds after.



⃞ Name each file using this format:

Interviews: interview_firstname

⃞ Submit your video using the link above!